And you raise your hands in some stupid symbol…

4 Dec

People will send you the weirdest stuff. So when I get a message on Twitter–in French–to place a candle in a mirror to honor the Virgin Mary, I might think this is a normal day. But some things defy explanation.

When I get this unrequested spam messages, I usually just ignore it, but the fact that it was in another language intrigued me. My knowledge of written French is limited to what I remember from two years of high school, but I feel I can still follow the newspapers when I try. Thankfully, there’s a translate button.

Poser la photo de la vierge Marie devant soi et allumé une bougie blanche à votre droite et un verre d’eau de coco a votre gauche, prononcé un seul vœu et laissé la bougie se consumé totalement, puis après boire l’eau de coco. Si vous avez des questions je suis là

Rituel Marial, comment from @LeMoine on 12/1/20 regarding my NaNoWriMo post.

I’d like to think that this person is a dedicated Catholic who thinks that sending random replies to people will help save their souls from hell, rather than some joker who gets kicks off sending occult-like messages to people, because… seriously? I don’t know what you’re getting from this. I’m not upset, I’m just confused. And there’s enough in my life that I’m confused from that I just ignore it. Frankly, the only reason I’m writing about it is to come up with material for a blog post! 🙂

I’d prefer to think that someone wants to save my soul, because wanted or not, at least someone cares. I wore a kippa/yamulke for five years which just screamed “Jewish” to anyone around. I would get lots of born-again Christians coming up to me and witnessing. They did it out of love, even though it was annoying. Someone who bothers to take their religion seriously enough to wear those obvious flags isn’t about to say, “Gee, I never heard of Jesus before. I should change sides.” But I don’t get angry, because I understand–as a Christian, that’s what you’re supposed to do.

You may have noticed I say “used to wear” before. Because after a while, I got tired of being witnessed to, and people expecting things from me that I was not prepared to give. If you’ve ever seen a homeless man shouting at nothing for hours on end, we just say he’s crazy. Yet in his mind, there are demons who are tormenting them, and they are not figurative–in his mind, they are real.

Maybe aliens from the planet Zardoz won’t leave his lawn. Maybe the Marian Ritual will protect him from the power of hell. Maybe the scroll boxes I put on my door protect us from the evil eye. Does it work in yours? Are there are some rituals or ritual objects you use in your daily life? Let me know in the comments below!

2 Responses to “And you raise your hands in some stupid symbol…”

  1. Anthony Garner December 4, 2020 at 2:56 pm #

    Gosh people believe in such utter nonsence. I wonder why. I wonder also whether such beliefs are genuine. I find it hard to believe. I’m sorry to say I have always found yhe christian myth fairly risible although I appreciate the moral teachings. Perhaps people cling to strange belief systems out of fear.


  1. And you raise your hands in some stupid symbol… – wabi-sabi - December 4, 2020

    […] — Read on […]

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