A dragon should be able to go wherever he wants, right? But in modern-day Nieuwe Amsterdam (you’d know it as New York), magical creatures are hidden, and citizens of the Staats-General von Amerika aren’t interested in such nonsense like wizards, orcs, elves, dwarves, fairies… and most importantly, dragons, coming to light. However, magic exists and it changed history. For four hundred years, the European colonists have only managed to cling desperately to the coasts, outnumbered by the native tribes that threaten to push them back into the sea.

Caleb, a big green dragon who’s been living in New Amsterdam has seen native invasions come and go, but this time, something’s different. The united tribes have burst through the Cordelyou Line–a massive defense work built along the western border–with a new magic that should be impossible. Now they are threatening to finally destroy the European Settlements once and for all. Threatened with the loss of his home, he gathers his friends–a washed-up wizard and an arcane librarian–to travel across Amerika. His hope: find the source of the natives’ new power, gather an army of magical creatures, and destroy it… before it’s too late.

In space, no one can laugh at your ships… but they can send you a nuclear missile.

When the Terran Confederation decides to impose their will on their colonies, civil war breaks out, and they call on the Space Force to crush the rebellion. Unfortunately, the TCSF is a scientific research body, and half their fleet gets eliminated in the first month. To fight the insurgency, the Confederate Senate resorts to begging rich patriots to fund their war machine, but they need some incentive… so they let those donors command the ships.

So it’s up to Javier “Jax” Jackson, an old hand in the Space Force, who went from repair specialist to Chief of the Boat to save this mess. Can he train his new crew of inexperienced trainees, his group of  even more inexperienced officers, and keep their new captain from blowing up the ship? Meanwhile, there’s a war to fight, and what the rebels lack in technology, they make up for in creativity.

The only question is… is Jax sneakier than the Rebels AND his own crew? For Jax, the answer is the difference between life and death.

Fatebook (Book 3)

Fatebane is back and he’s not alone. An organized group of pirates have raided the Association, and despite the best efforts of the Armada, the pirate ships fly into the catapult point… and disappear. It’s not just annoying–it’s impossible! So when every intelligence agent and policeman is hunting the pirates and finding nothing, there’s no choice but to get Fatebane. Can he get the girl, nab the pirates, and get back with the key to their success before the Association falls apart? Better yet, can he get the job done without every law enforcement agency thinking he’s responsible?

Fatebane (Book 2)

The code of a secret agent is to do the job, and then vanish into the darkness, leaving no trace. Fatebane has a different viewpoint; if you never existed, they can never trace it back to you. But someone knows he exists somewhere, and they’re determined to destroy everything Fatebane still holds dear to get to him… like the agent, his new opponent doesn’t seem to exist. So Fatebane has to travel across the stars of the Terran Associated States to find them… before they get to him.

Fatebane (Book 1)

Fatebane is great at his job; destroying secret doomsday weapons, intercepting dangerous materials… no job is too large for this secret agent protecting the Terran Associated States from its many foes. Until he gets a job that’s too small. Delivering a small package suddenly turns into the greatest conspiracy the fragile alliance of worlds has ever faced. Can Fatebane save the Association, save the boy, save the girl, save his job, and finally get his overdue vacation?

Raymon Lehvise didn’t expect to be a hero. Growing up in the rural territories of the Royal Astonian Empire, he escaped his life of poverty to join the Army. Of course, he didn’t realize what he was getting himself into. After a moment of insane bravery, he attracted the attention of a powerful patron, and found him escalated into positions of authority. Soon Ray realizes that he’s in a battlefield much more dangerous than war. In the political arena , friends are rare, alliances untrustworthy, and situations uncertain. As a new threat arises to the Crown, only an act of insane bravery can save the Empire. Thankfully, Ray has been there before.

Charlotte Rodgers in a young woman who leaves her home to work in a mission boarding school deep in the Himalayas. She came looking for one last chance to teach again, but instead, found so much more. Always a social wallflower, Charlotte blossoms into a confident woman, as the new girl in this isolated Christian community suddenly finds herself the center of attention. Can she balance the needs of her classes, her demanding boss, and her nosey neighbors to make it through the first quarter? How does she ignore the charming Nathan, the music teacher who takes her breath away–and the persistent JJ, whose attempts at courting are the talk of the missionaries?


It’s a classic story of boy meets girl, boy gets girl, and then girl drugs boy and steals his money. Unfortunately in this dark future, the boy she robbed is Feliz Castanada, the leader of the local crime syndicate, who needs to avenge the affront to his honor by killing the woman. The thief, Desiree Winters, doesn’t make that easy for him. A master of disguise, with the use of cosmetic implants, with a command she can change her appearance at will. Can Feliz take her out before his superiors find out? Can Desiree escape the city with her life? And what is it about the other that they find strangely compelling?

Humanity is under threat and no one is concerned. After all, the Earth Federation has survived countless invasions, civil wars, and ruthless dictators. After centuries of war and bloodshed, one more invasion shouldn’t make much of a difference. But how do you fight an enemy who can’t be killed?

As civilization falls apart, four people must brave the impossible. Miranda, the scientist, searches for the enemy, and the key that might save humanity. Ivan, the fighter pilot, seeking to warn anyone who will listen of the coming danger. Amanda, the politician, trying to keep civilization together long enough to fight back. Demar, the sergeant, whose skill can fight legends. And who is Vin Dane, the mysterious colonel who can bring these four together?

This novel is the missing chapter in the Tech Infantry universe, uncovering the mystery in humanity’s finest hour, and discovering the real story behind the legends.

Matvei Ivanov is a Russian down on his luck, when he’s offered a chance to change his fortune–by becoming someone else. He takes the place of an Imperial Russian Army officer and ships out to the far eastern reaches of the empire – a naval base in Manchuria called Port Arthur. There he plays a dangerous game, selling secrets to the Japanese, all while cozying up to the Russian high command.

Little did he know that he would be trapped there when the Japanese perform a sneak attack on a Russian fleet sheltered in the harbor. Suddenly, he finds himself deep in the Russo-Japanese War, trying to hide the truth from his superiors, from his “wife,” and most of all, trying to stay alive. All of which is in danger when the Japanese ask him to do one more mission–a job that may mean his death.

Step into a conflict that defined Japan as a modern military power. A port was besieged for a year, some of the highest body counts of the time–a story that anticipated the bloody fighting of WW1’s Western Front. Port Arthur was the battle that defined modern war.

Collaborations with Other Authors


When the K’Nes finally overthrew their human occupiers six months ago, it SHOULD have been a new chapter in the life of businesscat Miao K’Rrowr K’Heth… but since then, he’s been demoted, swindled out of his savings, and lost the love of his life. Heth is determined to get it all back, and soon… but high reward means high risk.

Desperate enough to take the most dangerous smuggling jobs, wheeling and dealing his way through human space, Heth is reluctantly drawn into the three-way civil war raging among the humans – a war that threatens to spill over onto the K’Nes, a species of hyper-capitalistic floating felines who just want to be left alone to make money.

With war raging outside and troubling corporate conspiracies vying for power within K’Nes society, does this little cat have what it takes to save his species, get the girl, and make some cash on the side? Stocks will rise, bullets will fly, and empires will fall before his predatory practices are through.

The future can change before you know it. 2242 A.D: The Earth Federation, stable and secure for decades, suddenly finds itself unraveling apart. With their political leader gone, the daughter corporations are fighting for supremacy, while unscrupulous characters mean to write the new order… in their name. This is the dawn of the Tech Infantry.


Red tape. Catch-22s. Circular chains of command. Whether you’re a customer or co-worker, bureaucracies drive us all insane. Even management is just a cog in a vast machine. Information, items, and even people get lost in the system, never gone but never found. No one seems to notice the insanity surrounding them… or if they do, they keep it to themselves. After all, those who notice and call attention to it tend to disappear, leaving nothing behind but an empty desk and whispered rumors in the break room. If ever there was a place for a cosmic horror to hide, grow, and thrive, it’s deep within the archives of a huge, old bureaucracy.

But of all bureaucracies, corporations are the most powerful, seeming to have a life and will of their own. They’re privately held with a multi-national reach, seemingly bottomless resources, and armies of lawyers jealously guarding their trade secrets. Corporate culture fiercely resists any attempt to change or regulate it, and anything and everything is justified by the bottom line. Who needs a Cthulhu Cult when you’ve got Cthulhu, Inc.?

Into this insidious world are thrust our heroes—the curious, the puzzled, and the frustrated. Defying authority, seeking answers they’d be better off not knowing, the secrets they discover threaten their sanity and their lives. Will they become the next whistleblower media hero? Or the next no-call / no-show their coworkers promptly forget? Just remember: it’s nothing personal—it’s just business.

This book contains twenty-five tales of bureaucratic insanity, including:

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