I’m not a fan of short stories, but inevitably, something compels me to write them. However, when the reason (whether that’s a contest or a failed first chapter) is over, they just sit in my folder unread… unloved… (sniff) it’s really sad! However, since I have an author’s page now, here’s a chance to share those stories with people. More importantly, if you like what you read here for free, you’re gonna love the books I have for sale! 🙂

Kim Jae-Yong is not your normal reporter, but in 1920, Seoul is not your normal city. The Japanese occupy Korea, dissent is brutally oppressed, and for a crippled Korean, he’s running out of options to fight back. Then when he’s forced to work the telegraph lines, this unlikely hero suddenly finds a new way to fight back against the oppressor.

Todd Wilshire worked all his life to get the chance to command a merchant ship of his own. However, it wasn’t that simple. The owner was dead, the job gone, the ship is falling apart, and the crew is a bunch of rejects. But there’s a small chance that there’s a big job on the other side of the border… if he can get to it before everyone else does.

One silly prank on the NJ Turnpike opens a corridor to hell that threatens to engulf the entire state. And would that be a bad thing?

Delavaen survived the war with the humans and the great forest was destroyed. Now alone and without purpose, he finds himself in a world wrecked by expansion and poverty. He will make a choice that will change the course of his world.

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