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Whiskey Makes You Louder

21 Aug

Like all unrepentant alcoholics, I have a drink of choice; bourbon and coke. It doesn’t matter how bad the brand, it always tastes good, and it gets your buzz on. But it has one big side effect – it makes you louder. This can be a problem.

I am a stationary drunk. As long as no one expects me to go anywhere, I’m the happiest, more joyful person you could meet at the bar. I’ll listen to your stories, I’ll tell you about the pipe tobacco I’m smoking (I’ve got a great bar), and have a lot of fun. It’s when you tell me to move that I start getting angry.

Alcohol blurs things, and most importantly, it makes you less tolerant of little social conventions. Someone cuts in front of you, someone decides to belt out a song… you could ignore it in most situations. But get a little liquor in you, and man, those social conventions are out the window.

Now being Scotch-Irish (and several others), I either hold in that temper until it builds up and explodes later, or go the slow burn and I get vocal and snarky. When drunk, it’s usually the second – when sober, the first (you’d think it’d be the opposite). However, because of the liquor, I find my volume for all those comments (that would normally be under my breath) would be increased. Thankfully, the subject of my ire is usually on the other side of the bar, so I haven’t ended up in a fight.

When I switch up my drink, I find it interesting how different liquors affect me. Shifting to a scotch and soda, it’s the same booze, but I drink it a lot slower… which can come in handy. Gin and tonic is great on a hot day (and I live in Arizona), but that can make you far more angry, and is usually mixed wrong. Rum and coke is a good alternative to bourbon and coke but rum does something else to me… usually get more goofy. Wine gives me a much different drunk than beer… there’s a lot more bathroom runs with beer at least.

What kind of drunk are you? What’s your drink of choice? Have you noticed it changed based on the alcohol? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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