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The Best Pie?

20 Dec

The best pie, of course, is the one in front of you. 🙂 But if you a choice, or you’re specifically going out to buy a pie, there are so many delicious options. How does one choose?

Pumpkin Pie

This is my first thought, so it’s probably correct, but pumpkin pie is so wonderful. Some of that is nostalgia–after all, you don’t eat it any other time than October–but it does have a wonderful taste and texture. The problem is that when you break it down, it doesn’t really need to be made of pumpkin. What you get excited about is the spice and the sugar–it could be made out of any gourd. In fact, I rather enjoy sweet potato pie, and it tastes very similar. In fact, I only learned about vinegar pie recently, which is the simplest form of this recipe.

Pecan Pie —

Again, anything with enough sugar is amazing, and most pies are full of it. However, the pecans on top really make a nice complement. Which lets me get to my childhood and…

Rhubarb Pie —

Rhubarb by itself is disgusting. It’s an insanely tart vegetable. However, you put it in a pie, drop a ton of sugar into it, and it’s a great compliment–a combination of sour and sweet that just melts in your mouth.

French Silk Pie —

When I was a teenager, this was the piece de resistance of pie eating. You’d go to the Village Inn, and after a good American family style meal, you’d ask for a slice of this. The shredded chocolate on top of cream was heavenly. However, it can be a bit too much, so I’m not as enamored of it anymore.

What do you think is the best kind of pie? Let me know in the comments below!

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