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Quality with a “K”

10 Aug

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “k.” There’s no particular reason why quality has to be spelled with a Q, in fact… it probably makes more sense with a KW. However, if you’re used to the dictionary, it weirds you out, just like all the little updates in my life. They’re not amazing… just weird.

So I managed to earn my “k!” – a thousand followers on Twitter. My joy was foiled because I got pinged because I decided to unfollow 40 people who weren’t following me. Facebook, LinkedIn, and even WordPress lets you know when you’ve gone too far with following folks. Twitter? They punish you and let you know you did bad… but won’t specifically tell you what you did. Yeah, that’s quality with a “k.”

Quality with a “k” is apparently a fun phrase that apparently was big in Eastern Pennsylvania back in the late 80’s; heard it from a guy who grew up there–I’ve heard it nowhere else. Okay, other accomplishments!

  • Finished my second (fourth?) draft of Defending Our Sacred Honor, which is the next novel I intend to publish. Love the story, laughed out several times, but I still hate the name. That’ll be a post for another time.
  • Plan to create my first audiobook with my novella, Virginia is for Lovers because it’s shorter. Got the equipment, but need to figure out the mechanics, because I’ve never done it before.
  • Gotta start thinking about what I’m gonna start writing next. Thinking about blitzing for NaNoWriMo in November.
  • Wondering how long I should sit on To Serve a Foreign Queen, which is the novel I just finished. Too much work to revise, no interest. It’s not the worst plan to let it sit in my folder for three years like Defending…

I just wanted to show everyone that it’s very common in India to spell it “kwality.” Yeah, it keeps bugging me. What’s some of the little things that bug you but no one else? Tell me in your comments below!

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