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Snafus and Sassafras

12 Sep

So I screwed up at work yesterday – my fault – forgot to check one of a billion things I have to do as part of my gig, and man, did the client blow a fuse on it. Do I need to up my game or do you need to chill the *#&$ out?

The answer is both. What should become my new maxim is “People don’t know what they want, but they do know what they DON’T want.” So if you keep making changes to your project, expect there to be errors, because I didn’t foresee what your change would do to the base file.

Unfortunately, this puts me in a “Man, I could lose my job” fear all the time… doubly so, because the only interactions I have with these people is online. I can’t hear your emotions in the text, so you could be majorly cheesed off or mildly annoyed.

So how hard do I have to take this snafu? Is it career-ending? Maybe… but then later that day, the client (different person) said that my work was some of the best stuff they’ve ever seen… so maybe I won’t get fired today. Or tomorrow. But I keep my head on a swivel.

Of course, it could be a phase. This is my screw-up phase, tomorrow will be amazing… man, I’m rambling. What do you think? Am I alone? Tell me in the comments below!

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